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Millions of Questions at Your Fingertips

Be a Source of Wisdom

It’s a fact that Google pays close attention to articles that answer the questions people have. 

It is imperative for any search engine content marketing strategy to include posts in a Q&A format. 

Give the best answers

Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) are tailored to get people the most up-to-date information they need as quickly as possible. 

Maximize Keywords by Focusing on Topics

One keyword can generate several relevant questions your target audience may be searching for, which can help you identify content opportunities you never knew existed. 

Maximize Audience Reach

By posting each variation of the question on various parts of your site, you may increase your chances of showing up high on SERP pages.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Establish Yourself as a thought leader

Google has a nearly 200 page manual for the humans who manually view your website to help determine your rankings. You are competing against your competitors and the bots and humans who work for Google. It’s a difficult spot to be in.

Your goal is to become a trusted authority in your field and network with influential people. Our goal is to help you find your voice, reach your target market, and build a community that loves what you have to offer.

Perfect For


Any size business can easily discover the questions customers are asking.


Enhance your courses with a robust FAQ section on various topics.


Find topic ideas for infographics & videos.


An endless supply of content ideas for your clients.


Discover insights into what your target audience is looking for.


If you create polls, this is the perfect place to find questions!


Find related questions for interviews or to improve topic flow planning.

Thought Leaders

Answer questions your followers didn't even know they had.

Social Media

Craft intriguing copy for your social media posts.

Questions and Counting


Unfortunately, Google isn’t very transparent about the PAA algorithm. Search volume on questions is difficult to determine. However, if it is in the database, it means a significant number of people actually searched for answers to that question.

No. Only a list of questions is provided. If you want to see the answer snippet that Google shows to searchers, you can Google the question.

No. The see the current site that ranks #1 for the answer to the question, you can Google the question.

There are no duplicated questions. However, some questions may be basically the same, just with different phrasings. These questions are included because different pages can rank for each variation.

To increase your chances of ranking for a question, use each question variation in different areas of your site. For example, if you have 5 questions that are basically the same, use one on a main page, then use another as a main blog post topic, and the rest as supplemental questions in different blog posts.

One result shows at the top when a searcher looks up the question. It is the same result triggered each time for that phrase. Phrase variations show a different result. It helps different pages rank at the top for the same type of keyword.

It helps identify long-tail keywords that may not be suggested on other SEO platforms. It also follows Google’s E-A-T principle in crafting quality content. 

E = Expertise

A = Authoritativeness

T = Trust

By answering questions searchers may not even know they have when they search for your keywords, you are automatically building E-A-T in both the eyes of Google and searchers.

You can build out the “trees” of content with a pillar page of an overview of the topic using the questions, then use the question variations in supporting content. This helps maximize the chances of showing in the top result for that question.

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