What’s the hot new buzzword in the blockchain community? GameFi! The market capitalization for GameFi projects right now is about $21 billion, which isn’t too bad considering how new the concept is. While it still pales in comparison to $1T for Bitcoin & $536B for Ethereum. The crypto gaming space is still very new but has BIG potential.

One of the reasons GameFi projects are becoming so popular is because they demonstrate how blockchain technology can be used by gamers (and non-gamers) to make the gaming world a better place. But what do gamers want out of a crypto-based gaming project?

1. Transparency & Accountability — Gamers are used to seeing metrics on how many people play their favorite game, the number of minutes players have invested in it, and maybe even some specialized data like kill/death ratios or power levels. As new games get released gamers to expect the same level of transparency and accountability from game developers. Blockchain technology can help with this by providing a transparent, tamper-proof ledger of game data that players can trust.

2. In-Game Economy — Games that have an in-game economy are more fun and engaging for players. The ability to purchase items and abilities with real-world money makes players feel like they are getting their money’s worth. In the past, gamers have had to trust centralized game servers to manage in-game economies. However, with blockchain technology, developers can create decentralized games that have transparent and tamper-proof in-game economies.

3. Decentralized Infrastructure — One of the biggest problems with online gaming is the centralized nature of game servers. If a player’s game server goes down, they can’t play the game. This is a problem that blockchain technology can solve. By creating a decentralized infrastructure for games, blockchain technology can make games more reliable and resilient to outages.

Transparency Includes More Than Just Game Stats, Though

To build trust with the new GameFi community, you’re going to want to invest in transparency in more areas than just the gaming platform. That is where SEO for blockchain platforms comes in. And, while it may be easier to just sit back and wait for organic traffic to come your way, the blockchain gaming industry is still young. So, there is a big chance your game is going to get lost in the new gold rush for blockchain-based gaming attention.

To get ahead of competitors in this space you’re going to need a solid game plan that includes both traditional marketing campaigns (SEO) and utilizing new technologies, specifically blockchain technology.

SEO for Blockchain Gaming

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility and ranking of a website or web page in search engine results pages (SERPs). The higher a website appears in the search results, the more likely it is that people will visit that website.

The two biggest platforms for blockchain gaming are Newzoo and DappRadar. While these websites offer useful information for developers, they don’t have the user base or social media following that Google does. Indeed, many of the people who find those two platforms most likely found them through Google first. This is why SEO will be one of your best tools to get in front of potential players.

But, SEO for blockchain gaming is different than SEO for traditional gaming. You can’t just rely on keywords and backlinks to get your website to the top of the search results. You need to find new ways to market your game that take advantage of the unique properties of blockchain technology.

To do this, understanding your target audience is imperative. Sure, you could just wing it and try to target a specific age range with an affinity toward a specific style of gaming. But, such a limited strategy is going to severely limit the number and type of users you acquire.

A better way to do things is to look at the blockchain gaming user base as a whole. They come from all walks of life, span almost every age range, and have a variety of gaming preferences. If you can tap into this massive market with an interesting, high-quality game that takes advantage of blockchain technology, you’re going to see huge results.


The blockchain gaming industry is still in its infancy, and there is a lot of money to be made. However, you need to have a solid game plan that includes both traditional and new marketing strategies in order to get ahead of your competition. As part of this plan, include SEO as one of the tools to help promote your blockchain-based gaming platform.

Are you launching a GameFi-based game? Include SEO in your game plan to get in front of the massive blockchain gaming audience. For more information, please contact me today!